Thursday, January 24, 2013

Who Needs their own Camera?

I've been busy 'pinning' on Pinterest.  I am on the second run through of my recipe files.  I've 'pinned' lots of recipes (over 1,000).  The neatest thing is that when I want to prepare something to eat, I just take my Kindle Fire into the kitchen, look up the recipe on Pinterest and get busy cooking.

I have also 'pinned' lots of travel photos.  Most of them are not mine.  The great majority of my travel photos are in one on two places:  hundreds, upon hundreds of slides on boxes or in photo albums.

Those in albums I can scan and post and I do intend to do that. 

The slides are an entirely different matter.  For those I need to sit down and go through them with the projector.  I look at the boxes, and assuming there is still an image visible, the task seems daunting.  And then I need to have them transferred to digital media and I am not sure it is worth the cost.

My solution has been to look at pictures on Pinterest and 'repin' those that others have taken.  I have been thinking that unless I am going to be in the photo, which rarely happens, I really do not need my camera anymore. 

Need a picture of Rockefeller Center or Acadia National Park?  Just search for it.  I even found pictures taken in Budapest, Hungary that are 1000% greater than any I took when I was there.
The pictures almost look better than the real thing.  And most of them do not have tourists in the way.  How cool is that!

Searching Pinterest is kind of a mindless thing I can do during commercial breaks while watching TV.  I am truly enjoying this.  There are things about the digital and technological age that I really appreciate.

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