Thursday, January 17, 2013

No More Political Comments?

Back in November I gave a lot of thought about continuing this blog, or not.  I decided to forge ahead, talking about my life in retirement.

You may have noticed that it has been quite some time since I said anything here about politics.  Actually, it goes back to sometime in November, and that had to do with trash collection.

I know that I have readers who follow this looking for my comments about the Township government.  These folks tend to send me emails versus leaving comments.  I have also seen comments left on the newspaper site that carries this blog.

Originally, I had no intention of ever commenting on public affairs.  Prior to my starting this blog our local 'leaders' started acting crazy, like doling out taxpayer money for a retirement party in violation of State law.  And then voting to make it 'O.K' after the fact.  That incident landed me in a television interview at my home and caused quite a ruckus.  How dare I complain?  I really did not want to deal with this in my blog.

But, once I started writing this blog, more and more issues came up and I started voicing my opinion.  But, since the last election, I have let things slide.  The public had their chance for change and they blew it.

Not that I do not hear what is going on.  At a Christmas party I heard people asking how my replacement in office (who is so clueless she had to send out an email asking other treasurers about state law versus looking it up for herself) got re-elected.  I got asked by several people if I watched the budget proceedings after the election.  Since I had not, I was told I really should watch it on the Internet.  (did not)

The fact is that I am unhappy with the elected officials locally, the Governor and his cronies in Lansing, and the President and Congress.  And that is just too much negativity to dwell on.

I have given some thought to starting a separate blog to deal with my opinions on politics.  And dismissed it. 

I read several columnists write about what is happening in this country and agree with many of them, and disagree with others.  But until the general public starts voting for really qualified people instead of who they want to have a beer with, or who is going to give them a hand-out, our nation will slide into the abyss like every great power before us.  And my dwelling on this will not change one thing.  Political comment is off my agenda.  For now.

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  1. Denise,

    You hit it perfectly.

    Kent Herbert