Saturday, January 5, 2013

It was Supposed to be EASY

It was supposed to be relatively simple.  My son and daughter-in-law were coming to help. 

Get a new cable box, replace the old one with it, call to have the signal sent and, Voila!, done.  NOT.

We tried the online hook-up, then the automated phone hook-up.  Nothing.  We resorted to calling for tech help over the phone.

The young woman we finally spoke with was very nice.  She just couldn't figure out why no signal was showing up at our home.  It isn't the cable line because the old box works just fine.  A bad new box?  Who knows.

We went through the package I purchased from ComCast and made sure that was correct in the system. While it seemed we had covered all the bases and checked all the right boxes, we still could not get a picture.

After a few hours, several phone calls, and time to make and eat dinner, we ended up re-hooking up the old box and scheduling a tech to come out and see what the problem is.

I keep telling my children that when I grew up we had four television stations.  ABC, CBS, NBC, and thanks to our proximity to Windsor, Canada, we also had CKLW.  I think that every old black and white movie I ever saw was viewed on Bill Kennedy's Showtime.

My son had one interesting suggestion while we were eating our dinner of pasta with peas and mascarpone and leftover short ribs.  He suggested that he and his wife come home from work, feed the dogs, and then come to my house for dinner.  I told them that was fine with me.  I love to cook and I get tired of having leftovers.

That is the problem with being an empty-nester.  I like to eat roast chicken, but not five days in a row.  Same with other preparations.  It is no wonder that seniors tend to have crappy diets.  I don't mind eating out once a week or so, but fast food and fried foods are not something I enjoy, and eating at 'good' restaurants gets expensive. 

So, I find myself eating leftovers or freezing them in baggies and reheating as I would a TV dinner.  Which reminds me that I have some wonderful butternut squash soup in the freezer that would taste really good this evening, considering that it is mighty cold outside.  And I can enjoy it while watching TV, which happily still works despite not having a new signal.

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  1. Somehow it never is. Any change with cable, internet has some hitch. I'm not sure why, but it's just a fact of life. We had four channels, too, and it kept me quite amused. I remind myself of this when I am flipping the 200+ now available to me.


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