Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Day in the Life

What a day. 

It was twelve degrees when I went out to get the paper this morning.  That was when I discovered that my mailbox had been smashed up - again.  A little detective work led me to find broken tail light glass inside the paper shoot, the post and box all beat up and cracked, and tire tracks leading back and forth across the street from the box to the neighbors driveway.

I heard the snow plow out there late last night, but never thought I would have to be out there supervising.  I walked over to the neighbor's drive to get the phone number off the little flag on their driveway.  I left a message for the plowing company, but haven't heard back.  If they don't return my call by tomorrow, I will make a police report.

Then I was off to the Home Show in Novi.  I went to see what deals were being offered on flooring and some bath work my son needs done. 

I was royally ignored by just about every booth representative there.  I am convinced this is because I am a woman walking around by herself.  I would hear sales people saying 'hello' to every couple that walked by.  I guess it was better to be ignored than to be asked if my 'husband' was going to help me make a decision.  That's happened before and I want to slug someone when it does.

Back home, I found that I was starving and rather than wait to make my planned dinner of pasta, I had a sandwich and a bowl of homemade onion soup.  My son and I discussed the idea of having his tub refinished rather than replaced.  I even think this might be a good idea for my tub which has some scratches that have accumulated over the years. 

More pinning on Pinterest today as I have now started scanning in my travel photos.  I started with some photos of Frank Lloyd Wright homes I have visited.  There were a few homes whose names I could not remember.  Well, I have many books on FLW, but the best one is a complete catalogue of all of his homes.  The only problem was that I could not locate it.  I must have spent 45 minutes searching the bookcases and all the closets.  I looked every place I could think of.  I began to think I had left it in the hotel on my last trip to Oak Park, IL.

Somehow it ended up in the cabinet I use for the printer in my office.  I have absolutely NO idea why I would have put it in there.  Then again, I am still looking for that missing photo of me and Bob Newhart. 

My evening ended with Downton Abbey and The Mentalist.  And despite not having any caffeine since three, I still feel wide awake. 

I can hear the snow hitting the side of the house.  Everything outside is covered with a fresh layer.  This is supposed to change to ice and then, with rising temps, turn to rain.  If I am smart, when I get up from here, I will go sleep in the guest room.  Last week when I tried to sleep in my room it was next to impossible because of the wind.  If the ice starts hitting the deck outside my window, I'll not get any sleep again.

Rain, snow, ice and temps that go from zero to sixty on one week.  Nothing like Michigan weather.

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