Thursday, December 13, 2012

Who are these People and How did they get Elected?

I have asked myself that question on many occasions.  I have decided that there are just a lot of people out there who do not share my values or my vision and that I am truly in a minority.  I once took that free personality assessment offered by eHarmony and was told I was only compatible with 5% of the male population.  That must explain how politicians I don't care for get elected.

Knowing this you think I would not even pick up a newspaper and read what others say or think, but I can't help myself.  So, this morning's read of the Detroit News, the Detroit Free Press, and the Oakland Press left me grinding my teeth and rattling my brain while I headed into my office to sit here at my computer.  Grrrr!

All sorts of thoughts were colliding with each other as though my head had turned into a mini Hadron Collider.  Such as:

1.  If State Legislators in Lansing can push through so many bills in a two-week lame duck session, why do we pay them a full-time salary?  Why not pay them $100 per day and schedule them for two weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas each year and be done with it?

2.  If the State Governor is just going to sign whatever hits his desk, why even bother with him?  His leadership is sorely lacking.  The members of his party act like a bunch of bullies on the school playground deciding that whoever brings the bats and balls make all the rules.  And they certainly have bullied him on the 'wants' of the Republican Party leaders. He is turning into just as big a disappointment as our previous Governor.  (He's already a disappointment, but just cementing his place in history.)

3.  If you are going to rush through legislation affecting women's right to choose and make abortion and birth control harder to obtain, why not place the same or similar restrictions on access to Viagra and vasectomies????  Oh, right.  You are mostly men.  As for the women who go along with this, shame on you.

4.  While we are on roll, why not get rid of the personal property tax on business?  Who cares if the formulas for replacement don't work, we'll work it all out later on.  And trust us.  We'll appropriate funding to you.  Just like we did with state (un-)shared revenue.

5.  Sometimes I am reminded of that age old conversation between the parent and child: 

Child:  Can I go to the mall?
Parent: No.
Child:  But Jimmy's mom is letting him go.
Parent: The answer is still 'no'.
Child:  All the other kids are going.  You are the meanest mom in the world. 
Parent:  If Jimmy's mom lets him jump off a bridge, are you going to do that too?

I keep hearing how these other 23 states have 'right to work' laws, which is why we should also have it.  Remind you again of children?  Let's see, we changed out property taxes because that's what California did.  And how is that working out for us?

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