Sunday, November 18, 2012

'To Blog' or not 'To Blog'

I've taken a week off from blogging to seriously consider the idea of 'blogging'.  I started this blog almost three years ago to just talk about my life in retirement.  Along the way I covered more issues than I ever intended, especially those dealing with 'Politics'.

When I was President of a union in the City of Detroit, I told a City bargaining rep that I hated politics.  He told me to get used to it because everything is political.  I have discovered that he is right.  It's amazing that I have low blood pressure and no ulcers.

I was criticized by residents this last election season for not speaking out more against my replacement in office.  She got re-elected.  The woman has 'no clue' about finance, but the voters spoke.  As Barbara Bush says, 'Move on'.

I am not happy about what has been happening at the State level.  And I likely won't like changes at the County level.  But no one cares about what I think.  Move on.

To some extent blogging about these issues has helped my peace of mind.  And locally I know that there are those who agree with me - even if we seem to be in the minority.  (I'm checking out all those RED states for retirement living.)

And so I began wondering if I should go back to my original plan for blogging or just throw up my hands and stick to posting pictures on Pinterest, where my recipe boards seem to be getting lots of hits.

This morning, after reading Mitch Albom's column in the Detroit Free Press, I've decided to continue.  Admittedly, his column on sleep has nothing to do with this blog - directly.  But, it does have something to do with retirement.  Specifically, no more alarm clocks or schedules to follow.  And I sleep just fine, usually about nine hours a night.

Four years ago, on November 20th, I served my last day in public office.  I walked out of my office and never for one minute regretted my decision. 

Four grandparents, my father, and several other friends and relatives all passed away without ever getting to the point of enjoying retirement.  My father died suddenly at the age of 57 with only dreams of the day he would retire.  And those who did reach retirement age were already too ill to enjoy their time. 

My fall in Town Hall in 2007 made my decision real easy.  The Doctor in the ER told me if I had hit my head on the concrete floor he wouldn't be talking to me.  That is all I needed to hear.

I think there are basically two types of people:  those who 'live to work' and those who 'work to live'.  I think I have always been in the latter group.  I have had two very different careers, one in the medical field for ten years, and one in politics and finance for another 20.  I loved both of them, but not enough to feel that I couldn't do without them.

This is a blog about that other side of life.  The side with no alarm clocks, no schedules, and truly being one's own boss.  It's about doing what makes you happy.  For some folks it is their 9-5 job.  For me, it is gardening, DIY projects, cooking, yoga, reading, and friends and family time. 

I'll write for another year.  Then I'll probably have this conversation with myself again.

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  1. I hope you make the same decision next year. I enjoy visiting here and find many good words of wisdom.

    P.S. I have a highly political job and am happy to have a refuge in Buttercupland without politics. :)


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