Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Happy Thanksgiving

I don't imagine I will have a lot of time over the next few days to sit here at the computer and write a post.  So, I am doing this today to wish each of my readers a Happy Thanksgiving.

Except for picking up salad greens today, my grocery shopping is done.  I have all the dishes sitting on the dining room table.  I have my lists.  Yes, my lists of when to do what and at what time.

Today I need to make the brine for the turkey and place the turkey in the brining bag.  I am doing a buttermilk brined turkey that I have made in the past.  The recipe is on my Pinterest page.

I also need to go through all the recipes and make sure I did not overlook something.  I have been known to do that in the past and then run out at the last minute to pick something up.  Even worse, I have forgotten to put some food on the table that was made for the dinner.  That is why I started printing menus.

Several years ago I started making different foods for holiday dinners, rather than the same old holiday dishes we always ate.  I now find my sons requesting repeats of those same new foods.  I cannot believe how much everyone likes Brussels sprouts.  I never ate one until I took a culinary class at Schoolcraft college.  So, they are on the menu.

Tomorrow I will make the desserts, prepare the yams, and prep the vegetables. 

Yesterday at yoga class we started talking about Thanksgiving dinner.  My instructor said she was peeling ten pounds of potatoes.  I told her that several years ago I started using Idahoan brand mashed potatoes and have never used anything else since. 

Hopefully, everything will go smoothly.  And I hope everything goes smoothly for each of you on this National Turkey Day.  Enjoy your food, family and friends.  And give thanks for each of them.

Happy Thanksgiving

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