Friday, October 5, 2012

Political Shenanigans

I received a political flyer in the mail yesterday containing the above message.  Now, I had heard rumors weeks ago that two township candidates were going to try to get voters to choose the one Republican Trustee candidate on the November ballot so that they could knock off one of the Dems who does not vote the way the two want them to vote.  Guess which two Democrats that would be.  Right.
There are many interesting things about the flyer:
1.  There is no committee named, as required by law, to inform me of who paid for the flyer, which is clearly political and not informative.
2.  Two of the 'signers' are completely unknown to me.  I've never heard of them but was told in an email from someone that they work in Wayne County with one of the Dems on the list.  If true, What a Surprise!  Anyone know if this is true?
3.  The Republican running for Prosecutor is running against the Democrat who was supported by that very same Dem on this list in 2008.  Wonder if she knows they are now a new team?  (And I am smart enough to know that while folks may proclaim innocence in knowing that their names are on a mailer, I doubt that this is the case here.  No one would have ever had enough nerve to put my name on something without my permission.)
4. While the above three items are bad enough, it is the facts that are proclaimed that tell me the 'signers' do not have a clue about government 101.  State Representatives, County Prosecutors, and County Commissioners have nothing to do with local community building permits, millage rates, planning and development or roads.  Talk about misrepresentation of fact. 
It then becomes so obvious that it is two Democrats looking to get Republican voters to vote for them under the guise of them supporting Republican candidates.  I wonder how the West Bloomfield Democratic Party feels about that.
I am getting copies of this out to everyone I think needs to see it NOW.  I have mine early because I am an absentee voter.  

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