Monday, September 10, 2012

West Bloomfield Officer Killed

I debated what title I would put on this post.  I never thought this morning could happen.

I was still asleep at 8:30 am when I was awoken by what I thought were fireworks.  Then I thought maybe someone was tearing down a house.  After putting on my robe, I went outside and I heard a helicopter.  And then more 'fireworks'. 

Thinking maybe I should call our Police Department, I decided instead to turn on the television, which I never do in the morning.  After channel surfing through talk shows, I finally saw a reporter standing on a street about a mile north of me reporting on the news.  The scroll on the bottom of the picture said 'Officer shot and killed  West Bloomfield Township'.

All I know at this point is that he is a 12-year veteran, which means our time working in West Bloomfield over-lapped by eight years.  It is very likely I know him.  I just broke down and cried. 

It is unusual for me to sleep in this late.  But, I had awoken at 4:30 am after having a dream about falling and waiting for the EMS guys to show up.  Over the years I have made use of their services on several occasions.  Then I had a difficult time getting back to sleep.

Never would I ever have thought that I would be awoken by gunfire.  I still hear the helicopter circling overhead, but no gunfire in the last half-hour. 

My thoughts go out to the family of the officer and to all of our public safety professionals.  You all put yourselves in harm's way every day and for that we should all be grateful.  Losing your life in the line of duty to a senseless act by an individual is something I cannot comprehend. 

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  1. My heart goes out to the officer's family and the entire community. I have worked with so many police officers over the years and each time I hear news of like this my heart breaks.


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