Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How 'Pinterest'ing

Pinterest.  Sound familiar?  Know what it is?

If it weren't for fellow blogger 'Buttercup', I am not sure I would know what 'Pinterest' is.  Even at that, I only had a very vague idea. 

So, when I heard that our local library was going to hold a workshop on the topic, I signed up.  Last night we had our class.

Now I have a Pinterest page.  I've set up three 'boards'.  One is for 'Recipes' and another is for 'Gardening'.  I've already 'pinned' a recipe from Buttercup's page.  I am sure it is a delicious and lo-cal (lol) version of French Toast.  The third is for 'National Parks'.  I think I will have to end up creating boards and then subdividing them. 

I can imagine that I could spend a lot of time here at my computer.   Imagine having over 1,000,000 followers looking at your posted pictures.  Then again, if I am posting and looking at pictures, when am I blogging and/or doing anything else?

When I was growing up, relatives would yell at me to get my nose out of a book.  Now it is stuck to a computer screen.  Is this progress?

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