Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Well, It's about Time

Several years ago I was sitting at the Secretary of State's office waiting to do whatever it is you do there (license, registration, title transfer?) and I listened as the clerks asked each and every customer if they wished to register to vote.  Many did.  I wondered if all of these people were U. S.citizens, as the question never was asked.

When I got back to Town Hall, I asked the elections specialist about the procedure and she informed me that they could not require proof of citizenship, just accept someone's word.  Right.  Kind of like asking your teenager if they have finished their homework before watching television or going out with their friends.

Now, finally, we have a Secretary of State who wants to pass legislation affirming the right to vote.  All I can say is that it is about time.  It should come as no surprise that people often use someone else's address for employment or school attendance.  So why not vote when you are not a citizen?  What better way to erode the foundations of our government than vote your own interests in a country where you are not a citizen?

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