Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Expect the Unexpected

It's snowing outside.  And if Doppler radar is right, it could continue to do this all day.  It is 42 degrees outside and one would think we would be getting rain, not snow. 

Yesterday, I cut the front lawn, but it was blowing so hard outside that I did not bother with the back.  My ears were killing me, so I came inside.  Even so, I ended up with a headache and severe chills later in the day. 

Last Friday, I had to see my doctor to get a prescription for eye drops.  I can't remember ever having this much trouble with itching eyes from my allergies.

I guess this type of crazy weather is to be expected in Michigan and I've blogged about it before.  But it sure is difficult to make any kind of outdoor plans.  I told my guests on Sunday that if I did not come back in within five minutes after going outside to check on the grilled lamb, that they should send out a search party in case I had blown away.  Even with my side yard privacy fence, the wind just howled right over it, there was no relief.

All of my neighbors are wondering what this summer will be like.  Me too.  After all, this is Michigan.

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