Friday, March 9, 2012

About Nothing

I've been busy recuperating from bronchitis and sinusitis.  It is not like it was hard work, much the opposite.  But I had no desire to sit here and write.

That does not mean I did not have lots of thoughts running through my head and discussions with others about them.  Just no inclination to put it on paper - or screen.

One can always talk about the weather in Michigan.  On Wednesday it was 64 degrees here, but very windy.  It did give me the opportunity to wander out back and fix the split-rail fence post that the deer knocked over.  They have pretty much devastated the deer fencing.  I definitely need something stronger.

The day also lent itself to neighbors greeting neighbors outdoors.  The conversation centered on the poor heat circulation in our homes, our water problems in our lower levels, and gas versus electric stoves.

First, the heat circulation.  My bedrooms are on a slab and far from the furnace.  The rooms stay cool, which is OK for sleeping, but not so great if you are using them for anything like an office or sitting room.  My neighbors, who live in tri-levels, have bedrooms above the furnace room and are roasting.  OTOH, their kitchens, which are on slabs, are freezing.  Mine is just fine.  One said he bought an electric heater for the kitchen and saw his electric bill go through the roof - along with all that hot air in the bedrooms.

My next door neighbor and I have Niagara Falls in our lower levels.  His is a finished living area which makes water back-ups a disaster.  OTOH, my lower level is strictly for storage - in plastic containers of course.  Even so, I still carry flood insurance.  Four serious back-ups so far and who knows when it could happen again.

While another neighbor is considerably higher than us and does not have as much water entering their sump area, their problem is tree roots (thanks environmentalists) entering the sewer lines.  Last week they had the lines cleaned again.  Imagine doing laundry and having all the water backing up over your finished lower level, since they also have a tri-level house.

From there we moved on to gas vs electric.  All of the homes in here had electric stoves to start.  I still have electric.  One neighbor had their house built with gas, easy enough to do during construction.  But one of the neighbors, whose kitchen is on a slab, has decided now to switch to gas.  So they got an estimate for running a line to the kitchen and were absolutely floored at the cost.  They are trying to figure out if they really think cooking with gas is so great, although I wouldn't mind having a gas cooking top over the electric oven, which is now available.

All in all it was an entertaining afternoon.  Since the temperature is back in the 30's and today we have had sun, snow, ice snow, and wind all in the last three hours, it may be a while before we have any more neighborly chats outdoors.  Which meant that last night was a perfect opportunity to have neighbors over for corned beef and cabbage.

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