Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Number 466 in my Illustrious Career as a Blogger

I have been writing this blog for two years.  Today's post is number 466, which means there are already 465 pieces of not really important writings in the blogosphere with my name on them.

Originally I thought I would not have much to say.  Then I discovered that I had lots to say, but did not have the time to spend sitting here writing.  Well, I guess I had the time being as how I am retired, but there were other more pressing matters to attend to.  Like gazing at the garden.  Or watching Seinfeld reruns.

I have found that sometimes I write about something and then totally forget I already addressed the issue.  For example, this morning I received an email about the taxing of state and local pensions of non-residents of Michigan.  While emails were being sent around our little group of finance people, I totally forgot until this afternoon that I wrote about it one month ago.  But, it seems that local communities are still being given incorrect information from the State.

I no sooner forwarded my blog post out to all the 30-odd people (number wise, not 'odd people') on the email, when I received an email from the Governor telling me what a great job he has done and how he has saved the taxpayers money.  (gag me with a spoon)

So, Mr. Governor, Where is mine?  I and all of my friends will have less money in the coming year thanks to you and your reforms.   You say the money you are saving the taxpayers will go toward 'education.'

Here is a suggestion:  Educate whoever is giving out incorrect information at the State level.  I already have plenty of ideas for my blog and am sure my readers do not always want to read about Michigan.

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