Thursday, January 26, 2012

Looking for a Way Out

I noticed in my email that there was an agenda from the Township about a meeting being held today to discuss repaving of the roads on the Civic Center site.  When you build on wetlands, you get that 'sinking feeling'.  And that is what seems to happen on this site where the roads are concerned.

The Town Hall opened on the site in October of 1989.  The library was already there.  Not ten years later the road and lots were pulled up and redone. 

Within a few years the roads were 'crap' again.  The new Supervisor said that the prior administration had not done the project correctly.  So, the roads were torn up and done again.

Guess what?  We now have another paving project underway.  The cost appears to be another 1.5 million dollars.  My experience with construction projects is that the estimate always comes in low.

For the 19 years that I worked on that property, I continually complained about the lack of an access road out through the north end.  Subdivisions on either side wanted to make sure no traffic ever went down their streets, so we had no side road.  In effect, if someone blocked the main drive, we would be stuck unless we walked out.

Now I see what appears to be a modest proposal for a gravel road, which I assume is for this emergency exit.  Maybe not, because the material online is not quite clear in that regard.  But if it is a second access for emergencies, I can only say that it is about time.  Seems like it would be $122,000 well spent.

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