Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's a Small World - or at Least I Thought So

I've always been amazed at what a small universe we live in.  There I am watching the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace.  I turn to the person standing next to me in the crowd and ask where they are from.  Well, they are from Detroit.  What are the odds that with all the people standing in the crowd, this person would be someone from the same city as I? 

When I moved to West Bloomfield in 1972 and started putting my garden together, I took a community ed class on gardening.  There was someone in the class who was saying that they had never been farther south than Farmington Hills (just south of here and they lived in Waterford, just north of here). 

I was working for Detroit at the time and couldn't believe that here was someone who had never even gone to a Detroit Tiger baseball game.  Had never seen the Detroit Institute of Arts or driven along Lake Shore Drive in Grosse Pointe.

I went to yoga class this morning and when we were changing there was someone talking about just getting 'back in town'.  She said she had been visiting her mother.  Then she said that she had just driven in from 'Dearborn'.  Dearborn?  That is what - 30 minutes away at the most?  Coming in from Toledo is just getting back in town.  Dearborn and Keego Harbor (where the yoga studio is) are part of metro-Detroit.  Or at least I thought so.

When I was on a Caribbean cruise, I exchanged emails with my staff every day.  And in Australia, I called and left voice messages (necessitated by a one-day and 14 hour time difference).  Once, I received a call from my son on Mother's Day and when I asked what all the noise was he told me he was on a train in London, England.  He was calling on his cell.

So, I am continually amazed when I hear anyone speak about 'crossing Eight Mile'.  Sadly, the truth is that I still know people who will not do that.  It is a small world, and the sooner each of us accepts that, the better off we all will be.

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