Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I Love it When Folks Agree with Me

I received my West Bloomfield Beacon newspaper in the mail today.  There are two stories on the front page and both have items of interest to me.

One article is accompanied by a picture of flooding along Drake Road north of Maple.  A local resident is complaining about the situation.  Well, not long ago I called the Township Clerk's office and complained about the same thing.  Every time it rains this roadway is flooded.  A lot!

Now, despite the suggestions of Township officials and employees, this is not something that should be paid for out of the Safety Path millage or as an at-large assessment on residents.  When the Oakland County Road Commission was trying to tell the Board how great their roundabout would be at this location, they said that they would take care of this flooding problem.  It seems to me that they made it worse, so why would we use any more of our money to fix this!

The headline story in the paper is about the Township furlough days.  I've already said what I wanted to about this.  But there are comments by a resident that echoed many of my thoughts.

I will now state that I did not support the increased millage.  Nor did any my friends (at least those who spoke to me about it).  My reasons were simple: 
1) there was no clear indication of how the increased funds would be spent,
2) the Board still seemed unclear about exactly how much money they would need, and
3) the committee to pass the millage conducted what I considered a 'stealth and scare' campaign. 

Now, the resident who spoke at the meeting and was quoted in the paper said he has the 'proof' that people 'were stampeded by fear' in passing the millage.  To me the 'proof' is the use of a picture on campaign literature of a firefighter at the fire that occurred at the Jewish apartment complex (also at Maple and Drake) and the implication that if the millages didn't pass that folks would not be rescued.  I don't like this kind of scare tactic.

The Beacon article goes on to say that no Public Safety millage is being used for General Fund.  Fine.  But let me ask this: How much General Fund money that was previously being used to fund Public Safety, is now being used to increase General Fund expenditures? 

ALL governments need to spend less on services in order to survive.  Turning around and increasing expenses just because money is available now will see West Bloomfield facing financial difficulty down the road.  Again.


  1. I think you hit the millage issue exactly.

  2. I think you hit the millage issue exactly. Good insight.


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