Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Day Late

Wow.  I had hoped to get back here yesterday and finish my post.  I just never did even though ideas were floating around in my head all day.

So.  Armistice Day.  Seems like I can remember being told every year I celebrated a birthday what an important day it was.  And now of course, we call it Veteran's Day and the emphasis is no longer just on the end of the first World War.

Both of my grandfathers were out of Europe before the start of the war.  My paternal grandfather, who was born in Lodz, Poland, arrived here from Russia in 1914, a single man.  My maternal grandfather left Italy in 1914, but war broke out before he could bring his wife and children here and they remained in Italy until after the war was ended.

Unfortunately, my Italian grandfather died in the 1920's, but my Polish grandfather always told me how proud I must be to be in America.  I never learned to speak either Italian or Polish from either of my parents because my grandfather said that we were 'Americans' and we spoke the language of America.

My father fought in World War II in India and Germany.  I still remember seeing pictures of the Taj Mahal that he had taken and marveling at the beauty of it.

I think about my families experiences often.  Recently I was having lunch with a friend who said she did not understand why foreigners come to this country and then want to follow laws of the country they left.  Why, she wondered, did they just not stay where they were?  I find it an interesting question. 

We have a U.S. Constitution and a set of laws that we follow.  Seems to me we owe it to all who fought to preserve our way of life and values to see that those laws are followed.  And with apologies to no one.  But that is just me.

So, thanks again to all of you.  And thanks especially to all the families who made the sacrifice of a loved one in combat to provide this great country to the rest of us.

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