Monday, October 24, 2011

Rodents on Hooves Strike Again

Early yesterday morning I found myself standing on my decking yelling at the deer.  Seems that Mama and her twins were busy eating all of the berries on my Viburnum at the lot line.  I shooed them away.  Fifteen minutes later they were right back in the same place and we had an 'instant replay' of my yelling.

Later in the afternoon, I went outside and wrapped the shrub with a large 'shrubguard' bag.  Actually, I had to tie two large bags together to cover the bush.  Two years ago they ate all of the new flower buds on the bottom half of the bush, so last year I wrapped it in burlap.

Yesterday there was an article on deer crashes in the Detroit Free Press.  In my opinion not enough of these deer were killed in West Bloomfield.  They must be more safety conscious and do not play in traffic as much as they do in other communities.

Today Brian O'Connor wrote about deer in his Detroit News column.  His wife and I seem to agree on these nasty rodents with hooves.

Not thirty minutes ago I was walking through the living room and saw those same three deer staring at my shrub - all covered in burlap.  HA!  Take that!  They moseyed off down to the river and waded across to find other pickins'.  Works for me.  Good riddance.

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