Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Boring Day

Last night I watched Eleanor Roosevelt: American Experience.  Having viewed many documentaries and movies about the Roosevelts and having read a few biographies, I did not learn much that I did not already know.

What I did find fascinating this time is that Mrs. Roosevelt wrote her column, 'My Day' for such a long period of time:  six days a week from 1939 to 1962.  Here I am sitting at home recuperating from surgery and I cannot seem to get up the drive to write even three days a week.

Of course, I have never felt that my daily life is all that exciting.  Yesterday I went to the Library, had lunch with a friend, read my book, etc.  Oh, I have lots of thoughts, but somehow, actually sitting down here at the computer and putting fingers to keyboard seems like hard work.

I believe this comes from the frustration of knowing that it is one of the few things I am able to do right now.  And if I can't do what I want, e.g. dig in my garden, dang-gummit, I will DO NOTHING!

Well, nothing is what I am supposed to be doing.  I have cheated a little on the time I spend walking around, though I am loathe to put that in writing.  Neighbors have already threatened to 'call me out' to my doctor. 

Today I am going to the grocery store.  Because I cannot lift more than five pounds, I will have to buy only one-half gallon of milk (four pounds).  That kills me because a gallon of milk on sale is only slightly more than a half-gallon.  Plus, I have to watch how the groceries get packed and anything else I buy has to be watched, like no bags of anything over 5 pounds.

So, that will be my 'day' today.  I am sure I will use up most of my walking time in the grocery store (not that I am being an angel).  And I will try to put 'fingers to keyboard' and get back to commenting on the news.

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