Sunday, October 16, 2011

In Capitalism We Trust

I believe in capitalism.  I believe in the ability of ordinary men and women to educate themselves and be productive.  To be able to provide for themselves and their families.  Don't get me wrong.  It is hard work.  And not everyone is going to become a millionaire.

I do not believe in socialism, communism, fascism or any other 'ism' whereby common folk sit on their lazy 'you-know-whats' and get a hand-out, a meager one at that.  Or on the other hand, toil for the so-called benefit of everyone, while receiving nothing.

I had a couple of cousins come here from Italy, only to turn around and go back home because they thought they would not have to work hard to get ahead.  Others started their own small businesses and became successful.

This whole business with the 'Occupy Wall Street or whereever' movement is just plain 'nuts'.  First of all these folks do not represent the 'other 99%' of America.  They are maybe 1% of the 99% because I am sure myself and others who have worked hard are not in their camps - literally, too.

I've looked at the pictures of these protesters who want free education.  Well, you get that through high school.  If you are an excellent student, there are scholarships for college.  If you are needy, there are programs available to help.  If you plan to spend your life in college, as some folks do, being a mediocre student at best, studying all sorts of philosophies, well, you are on your own. 

I see them on their cell phones and wonder where they would be without the high tech companies who created their devices.  Really folks, do you think you would be better off under a socialist regime?  Maybe some of you should spend your tuition money on some world history classes.

All of this reminds me of the protesters in the 60's, when I was in high school and college.  I had a childhood friend who somehow went completely wacky by the time we reached high school.  She had decided that she was a communist.  She began wearing what looked like peasant clothes from the old country, wore her hair long and straight and never smiled.  Her plan was to graduate and move to Russia. 

I do not know what she ended up doing.  I did an internet search putting in all sorts of identifiers.  Nothing came up.  If she is still around and back in the US of A, I would guess she could be in the camps of these protesters.  She always felt that the world owed her something.  I guess I could never relate to that idea, and I cannot sympathize with it now.

Follow Up:  After I posted this I read this column by Cal Thomas in today's Oakland Press.

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