Sunday, October 16, 2011

If You Build It, Will they Cross? or A Bridge to Canada?

Oakland Press editor Glenn Gilbert wrote a good piece today on a second bridge crossing to Canada.  If you watch TV or listen to the radio, I am sure you have heard messages from the current bridge owner that a new span is not needed.  But as Mr. Gilbert points out, those same owners want to build another span of their own. 

I have not crossed that bridge in a very long time.  If I do cross into Windsor, I use the tunnel.  My other Canadian trips have taken me north to the Port Huron crossing.  Talk about a back-up!  Once over the Blue Water Bridge, I saw trucks backed up for what seemed like miles waiting to enter the USA.

In this same edition of the paper there is a guest opinion on the legality of an agreement between the state and Canada.  I suggest you also read the two comments currently posted.

Now for my opinion (which I am sure you were waiting for).  We (that's the royal WE) have always been a country of reactionaries rather than visionaries, with the possible exception of our former space program.  As a nation on the whole, we have believed in isolationism (witness our declining to get involved in WW II even after the Germans sank one of our destroyers in October, 1941).

If there really are problems with Constitutional law in getting this span built, then let's get our Congressman to intervene and do what is necessary.  Maybe it is time for our US Government and that of Canada to work together to get this done, NOW, before a disaster or need occurs and we have to react, rather than having been pro-active. 

As a commenter wrote:  Are there any adults in the room?

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