Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dirty Politics as Usual

Here is an excerpt from an email I just received:

"I am writing today because there is an effort underway to recall me from office and take away the voices of the people of the 69th District. You voted to send me to Lansing to fight for you but the Republican Party is mounting a well-financed, coordinated effort to recall me along with no less than 12 of my Democratic colleagues. 

The Republican Party has pledged this is just the beginning of recall attacks on Democratic members of the House and Senate. The Republican Party's justification for filing recall language? I voted NOT to raise your taxes; I voted NOT to kick 29,707 children off of public assistance; and I voted NOT to balance a business tax reduction on the back of K-12 public education.

You might ask why recalls would be started now. Michigan Republicans are trying to put recalls of Democratic legislators on the ballot on February 28th, the day of their $10 million tax-payer funded primary to select a Republican to face President Obama in 2012. Because Republicans will likely outnumber Democrats at that election by 4 to 1, they're hoping that they'll be able to knock me off, along with several other House and Senate Democrats."

First of all, I have always opposed these primary elections for Presidential candidates.  Isn't that what Party Conventions are for?  The Michigan Democratic Party has called on Michigan Republicans to agree with Democrats to cancel the 2012 presidential primary election. The Michigan Democratic Party will not participate in the primary and will instead hold a presidential caucus on May 5, 2012.

Shame on the Rs, though the Ds will probably come up with something just as nasty.

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