Friday, September 9, 2011

Seniors - Popular People

The most popular post I have made in the last 20 months of this blog is one about seniors.  I called it 'P---ing off the Seniors'.  It was in regards to the imposition of a state income tax on public pensions.

Since all of this started, I have heard from many people on the issue.  A neighbor who has a condo in North Carolina is thinking about making that his permanent residence.  Countless letters to the editor have been written by seniors planning on relocating to more tax friendly states.  I have one good Republican friend who refers to the Governor as 'that a--h---.'  I have signed the recall petition twice.  And even if they do not get enough signatures this time, I hope that somebody gets the message.

There was total disregard by Republican legislators and the Governor when it came to understanding that some of us made our retirement plans by carefully thinking about our ability to do so based on promises the state made in regards to our pensions and taxes on same.  I guess this is not surprising when we realize that the bozos in Lansing have a difficult time doing any real long-term planning and seem to pull numbers out of the stratosphere on what might happen with no real evidence that it ever will. 

If enough seniors leave the state, then the legislature will have to increase the tax levy to generate the funds they need - to pay themselves, even when they have been off all summer.  Must be nice.  Seniors vote.  And I hope that they are all paying attention.

The Supreme Court is reviewing the question of Constitutionality.  You would think one of the brain-less wonders in Lansing would have researched the idea before voting.  (A thanks to Rep. Lisa Brown, D-West Bloomfield/Commerce, who voted against the law.) 

Not only does the new law impose a tax on public pensions, but it discriminates on the basis of age.  If I was looking for a job instead of being retired, they would be violating Federal Age Discrimination laws.  I say we send of all these guys packing in November, 2012.  Pay attention!

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