Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Stupid People Comments

OK.  I just finished a blog about letter writers and callers who do not know some basic facts I thought they should and I move on to reading the account of the West Bloomfield School Board meeting last night.  OMG!!!

Here are comments from elected officials who are sitting on the board running the school district during a discussion on the renaming of Green Elementary, which I previously blogged about:

(Bruce) Tobin said the board could have tabled the issue “if there was a perception that there was a need for public input on something as mundane a naming a building.” His comment drew gasps from many residents at the meeting.

If the naming of the building was 'mundane', why did they even bother changing it?  He'll get a 'no' vote from me in the next election.  He was never a favorite of mine anyway.

In response to a letter from Donald Green, a 93-year-old member of the family the school was named for, (David) Einstandig posed several rhetorical questions, including “Was Hartwell (Green’s great-grandfather) like Donald Trump? Did he want his name on every building you could imagine? And he (Donald Green) would say absolutely not. He wasn’t like that.”

I cannot believe that he made such an ignorant remark.  The Green and Doherty families donated properties in this community.  What did Ms. Sheiko do that was so outstanding other than to stay in one place running a school?  What happens when the next long-time educator leaves?  Mr. Einstandig, what have you done that is so wonderful in this community? 

Trustee Matt Chase said he felt proper procedure was not followed and that more information and discussion was needed. He said surprising Sheiko was a nice idea, but her presence at the meeting where the vote took place made it difficult to have an honest discussion about it.

He is absolutely correct. It is difficult to have an honest discussion in front of the person being discussed. Everyone wants to only say nice things.  Both Mr. Chase and Melanie Torbert voted against changing the name.  I guess some reason exists on this Board, but not much. 

Shame on the rest of you.  I mean, you could have named the media center after Sheiko and I do not think you would have created such bad publicity and anguish for yourselves. 

If comments like the two above are from the folks leading our schools, just WTH are our students learning?

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