Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nothing in Common?

I had a friend who used to say that sometimes it seemed that we had no shared values among other residents of the community.  The issues in question were often varied.  The proof of her opinion resided in the election of certain community leaders.

Now I ask you what the citizens of Pontiac, Sylvan Lake, Keego Harbor, Orchard lake, West Bloomfield, Farmington Hills, Southfield, Lathrup Village, Oak Park, Royal Oak Township, Northeast Detroit, Harper Woods, all five of the Grosse Pointes, Hamtramck and Southwest Detroit have in common?

Still thinking?  Other than the fact that they are all in the same proposed Congressional district, I would say that collectively the answer is 'Not much'. 

When I first saw the newly drawn district, I shook my head and wondered what the hell anyone was thinking.  I have been told that there was no other way to draw the district and follow the Voting Rights Act.  Well, I feel disenfranchised and I vote.  Or I have up till now.  (The more incompetents that seek office, the less likely I want to go to the polls and many of my friends feel the same way.)

I find it interesting that the house I was born in in Northeast Detroit is in the same district as where I currently live in West Bloomfield.  So is my great-grandmother's house in Hamtramck.  And the Greektown area where I worked for many years at the old Detroit Receiving Hospital.

With all the fuss and thoughts about this I wonder if any of use are really represented by our elected officials anyway.  For several years I have certainly been out of touch with the thinking of the Republican Party on certain social issues and disagree with the Democrats on economics. 

Oh, I think I've got it.  Ever since I was a little girl I have been told that I think too much.  It started with a priest coming to the house to tell my parents that I asked too many questions and needed to have more faith.  As I got older I got the 'little lady' treatment.  Even this spring I had a home improvement company asking me if my 'husband' would be home to help me make a decision on gutter replacement.  No, they never even got in the door.

So, what possible difference could it make how a district is drawn.  No one is listening to us anyway.  Male or female.  They just tell us they care.  And we should all just smile and keep on sending them our money.  Right.

Here is a map of the new district.  Someone called it a salamander. 

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  1. Hard to believe they can submit this with a straight face


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