Sunday, July 24, 2011

What's in a Name? Green Elementary School

The West Bloomfield School Board has voted to change the name of Green Elementary to Sheiko Elementary.  No sooner had this happened than I received an email from someone asking how could they ignore the contribution of the Green Family to West Bloomfield?  I said that maybe some of them thought the school was named after Green Road.

Kudos to Trustee Melanie Torbert for saying she wanted to do more 'due diligence' on the matter.  Whatever her underlying reasons were, she was the only member casting the right vote, in my opinion.

Green family descendants are rightfully upset.  They are not the only ones.  Include me in the list.

What next?  Do we change the name of Doherty School to honor another person and not the family donating the land? 

I remember when we were naming the new West Bloomfield Town Hall in 1989 and decided to call it the John Doherty Administration Building after the long-serving Supervisor who died in 1988.  I hope that future Board members do not decide to change that someday.

Shame on the West Bloomfield School Board.  I am sure they could have found another way to honor their long-serving Principal without forgetting the people who made their school possible.

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  1. Denise,

    I totally agree with you! The name change was not included on the school board agenda. Yet, the discussions and decision to move forward were obviously made in advance of the meeting and most likely in violation of the Open Meetings Act. To add insult to injury, one school member was purposely excluded from the (illegal?) deliberations which obviously occurred behind closed doors.

    The issue is NOT about recognizing the contributions of many deserving teachers and administrators. The issue is the process and the protocol for the decision making.

    And, unfortunately, at the rate that teachers and principals are leaving the district, they would have name change of school buildings every month!

    Thanks for being a voice for good governance!



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