Sunday, July 24, 2011

Twitter? Tweeting? NO

I've already said that I am not on Facebook.  Last week at a meeting with the Oakland Press the subject of 'tweeting' our blogs came up.

Tweeting?  Really?  Do I care who reads this blog?  Well, yes.  But do I really care if it has a huge following?  Well, no, not really.

When I got home from the meeting, I went to the 'Twitter' website and did a search for 'West Bloomfield' to see who was 'tweeting' what.  Do I care where you are eating now?  No.

I searched other names and communities and wondered who are these people who are so enamored of themselves that they think everyone cars what they are doing or where they are.   Am I just old-fashioned?  Or just old?

I do not have time to 'tweet' what I am doing.  The only reason I am sitting here writing so many blog posts this morning is because it is way too 'muggy' outside to work in the yard.  I could not even see out of my windows this morning thanks to the humidity outside fogging them up.

I guess I'll never be 'Ms Popularity' when it comes to blogging.  I'd rather be 'Ms Interesting and Informative'.  Guess I am old-fashioned.


  1. Denise,
    Have your blog automatically post to your twitter account. No extra work is involved and it helps folks come to your blog.


  2. Well, I would actually have to have a 'twitter' account. I don't. Although I did feel rather proud that I knew what a 'hash tag' was when I was discussing this at lunch with a friend who told me she was getting all sorts of 'tweets' from ComicCom.


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