Sunday, May 15, 2011

Where is Global Warming?

Just when I thought Spring was actually going to happen, the temperature is going back into the 40's.  Do I have to worry about frost again?  My generator has come on twice in the last week thanks to the blustery weather.  Everything in my side yard is underwater.  I've dumped several bags of dirt in low areas trying to keep it wet, not puddly (is that a word? no).

I must say that everything is a beautiful green.  Lovely green and growing.  But how do you cut the grass?  I went out on Friday afternoon and cut the back area which is relatively small.  The front was still too wet.  Now it is even wetter.

Yesterday, my two Snowdrift crab apple trees opened their blossoms.  The rain and winter are already doing a number on them.  I looked at the dates on my garden pictures from last year and the tree was in bloom on April 26.  Whoa.  That is like three weeks ago. 

At this rate, I won't have any tomatoes until October.  If then.

I guess I should be thankful that I am not living along the Mississippi.  I feel for all of those people who are losing farmland and homes to the devastating flooding.  Back in 1969, I sat on the National Board for my sorority.  I remember talking to fellow Board members from Wisconsin and Missouri who were dealing the the flood that year

Water always wins.  And right now it is going to take a whole lot of global warming to dry it all up.

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