Sunday, May 1, 2011

Some Folks are Nuts

It is 10:15 PM on a Sunday evening as I sit here to begin this blog.  I have not been drinking, so this is not my imagination.  Some moron in my subdivision is outside cutting his lawn. 

When I heard the roar of engines about fifteen minutes ago, I thought perhaps that my generator had kicked on.  I mean, what else would be so loud at this time of night?  It is pitch-black out there.

I am beginning to think that folks are just getting dumber and dumber.  Last year I called the police on my next-door neighbor for doing the same thing.  He came over the next day and said he didn't know it would bother me.  Really?  In what world do people cut the grass in the dark?

I have new neighbors who put their dog outside and leave him bark.  Not just for five or ten minutes, but sometimes for an hour.  I suppose the time will come when I call the police about that, too.

See, the way I figure it, folks who do these sorts of things are not the kind of people you can reason with.  If you could, they would be cutting the lawn at two in the afternoon like everyone else, or would bring the dog in when he starts barking.

This must be some kind of alternate reality I am living in.  This can't be real.

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