Sunday, May 8, 2011

Raiding the Piggy Bank

We are having pulled pork sandwiches for dinner today, so maybe that is why I am stuck on this 'pig' thing.  Anyway...

An editorial in today's Oakland Press asks why no one is outraged over the Governor's (big bad wolf's father) plan to siphon K-12 school tax money and give it to community colleges and universities.

Well, I am outraged, but I have not even blogged in the last week because it is just too stressful to deal with all the crap coming out of Lansing.

There is nothing new with taking money away from education.  Remember when we started the lottery?  We were told the money was for education.  Indeed it has been. 

Here's the catch:  They took money from the general fund that was going to education and sent it elsewhere in the budget (like prisons).  So, no extra money for schools.  (I have not researched the dollars in this, but I am sure someone has.)

I was totally against Proposal A to allow the state to get into funding local education, and not because I liked paying high property taxes.  You see, if I pay taxes at the local level, at least I can get the benefit and see what is being done with the money.  Send my tax dollars to Lansing and it's like sending it to a landfill, IMHO.  (With no offense meant for the Department of Treasury who is understaffed and overworked actually implementing laws that need to be followed.)

So now a loophole in the law is going to allow more money to be siphoned off from K-12 educators.  We voters were never told that was a possibility.  Just like we were not told that lottery money was going to replace money already going to education.

I guess we are just a bunch of fools who can be duped into voting for anything and anyone without asking all of the questions necessary.  But who even would have thought of either of these scenarios?  What ever happened to transparency?  Honesty? 

Is it any wonder that there is already a campaign to Recall Snyder?  Why just him?  We have a State House and Senate full of sheep who are busy voting the party line.  I was at a meeting in Lansing on Friday and someone suggested that there must be something in the water up there.  If so, only one party is drinking it.

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