Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Merry Month of May

As I sit here in my office blogging, I have a view of birch trees bending in the wind, cloudy skies, and just a drizzle of rain, as opposed to last night's incredible downpour.  It seems as though the March winds and April showers have combined to form the month of Marpril and I have had enough of it.  I am looking forward to May.

Actually, when I think of the month of May, there are lots of good memories.  First of all, my father was born on May 9.  Oftentimes, it was the second Sunday in May which meant his birthday and Mother's Day were celebrated together. 

Other May dates I remember are May 1, 1988, when I was sworn into office at West Bloomfield Town Hall, the old building on Orchard Lake Road not the new edifice.

That's me on the right with Clerk Sharon Law and Supervisor Dorothy McIntosh. 

Then there is May 4, 1993, when I received my Master of Business Administration degree.

That's my sister, Arlene, next to me. (Oh, how much better digital photos would be.)

But, the most memorable May of all has to be 1969.  On May 4 of that year, I flew to Heathrow Airport outside London, England to begin what would be ten weeks of traveling in Europe.  On May 5, travelling into the City from the airport we passed the Queen's motorcade.  And on May 7 we went to Buckingham Palace to stand with the crowds and watch the 'Changing of the Guard'.  With all the people standing around that we could have talked to, we ran into someone from Detroit.  Small world.

(Unfortunately, I can show you no pictures of me from that trip.  They are all on slides in my basement.  I wonder if they are even visible anymore.  And I am sure some of my younger readers are wondering WTH 'slides' are.)

I thought of all of this as I read the papers this morning reporting on all the people in London for the wedding of Prince William.  Yes, I plan to get up and watch the festivities. 

As it turns out, I have to go into the hospital tomorrow for some minor out-patient service and can have no food after 7 a.m.  So, I figure I will get up early and have something solid to eat.  I am thinking I should make some of those yummy scones to have with my English tea. 

And if we have another one of those thunder and lightning storms again, I will not have to set the alarm clock.  Mother Nature is doing a pretty good job of waking me at 3 a.m.

Oh, for the month of May and warmer days.

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