Sunday, March 6, 2011

Who's the Bully?

OK.  I got all the way to page 25A, from page 17A, in the last twenty minutes.  You know, I should have just started a fire with the newspaper.  Or went out and bought a birdcage with bird attached.

Enter the Detroit News Editorial Editor Nolan Finley.  'Grit needed to win budget fight'.

Mr. Finley refers to senior citizens as 'the biggest lobbying bully'

Wow.  I said the other say that I had been called worse things than a sissy.  Actually, I had another 'B' word in mind, but now I guess I can add a new 'B' word.  He says we are raising 'holy hell'

OMG.  My rebellious college days must be coming back.  Is there an SDS rally scheduled somewhere?  (My sociology class had to attend one at Wayne when I was there.)

Mr. Finley goes on to say that the Governor's 'got to get all 26 GOP senators in a small room and bang on them until they're straightened out'. 

A double OMG.  What is this?  The reincarnation of some long lost dictator? 

The other day a friend of mine said that when she and her husband were in college all the journalism majors were the campus pot-heads.  I'm beginning to think she is right.  They must be smokin' somethin'.  How else to explain calling seniors 'bullies' while telling the Governor to bully the legislators?  OMG.

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