Monday, March 7, 2011


1.  According to today's Oakland Press, St. Clair Shores brought a former assessor out of retirement to get them through tax season.  The guy, who is only 57 years old and retired in 2003, is having trouble learning voice mail and how to operate the copy machine.  Really?  He actually said that?  No copy machines or voice mail in 2003?  This place is in Michigan isn't it?  Makes me wonder about the assessments there. 

2.  Seems West Bloomfield is at it again (Oakland Press).  This time it's about the use of the Township's heron logo which was adopted back when I was on the Board.  It went on our business cards and stationery.  Seems a couple of new officials changed their business cards and removed the heron and placed their pictures on the cards instead.  The first time I saw one I laughed and said they looked like realtor business cards.  Anyway, the Board voted 'nix' on that and everyone will use the standard design.  I'm glad I missed that live discussion.  Good for the Board.  Voters do not really need to know what we look like in order to make an intelligent decision in the voting booth.  Can you say 'self-promotion' at taxpayers' expense?

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