Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Let me make this perfectly clear

NO. No. A thousand times NO.  Nyet. Nein. Non.  Nie.  Got it?

I have been asked by several people if I am going to attend the State training for Emergency Financial Managers.  See answer above.

I guess some folks just cannot imagine that I am happy not working in finance.  Or working at all for that matter. 

For those who don't know it, I know how to do nothing.  (Witness this blog as proof.)  Some people think I did nothing for the 20 years I was in office.  (Just ask my opponents.)  Not true.  It was a 24-7 job.  So, now, I am enjoying not having a schedule to follow, reports to be made, places to be and things to do.  Unless I make the decision to do so.

We Americans think we have to go, go, go all the time.  I have some Italian cousins who came to Canada and after a short time decided to return to Italy to live.  Why?  Canadians, like Americans, feel like the wheels always have to be turning.  No after lunch breaks when the shops shut down.

Frankly, I like the European style of a leisurely lunch and rest after.  Growing up we always had holiday meals in the early afternoon and a lighter snack in the evening.  I tried that once a few years ago when I scheduled dinner for 4:00 pm instead of the usual 2:00 and my sons acted like I was starving them during the wait.

Life is not a race to the finish line.  Every day does not need to be crammed with something to do.  Yes, when we are young and building a career and raising our family, that is usually the case out of necessity.  But at some point, we need to sit back and enjoy.  Smell the roses.  Shoo the deer out of the yard.  Watch the snow fall and let it sit in the drive.  Read a book.  Anything...

Or run errands.  Ciao.

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