Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Times Change

It stands to reason that having spent a good chuck of my life in public service, I have many friends who are also retired from the profession.  This past week brought to mind just how much we have to subdue our personal opinions when we are in the service of the public.  There, we are required to follow legislation, even when we do not agree with it.

Two cases arose.  The first generated by the letter writer in a previous post that prompted the comment that there is too much government regulation of everything.  Can you spell TEA PARTY? 

The second from someone who was upset that a neighbor who was making improvements in their landscaping was stopped by the local community for failure to obtain a wetland permit.  Seems they were too close to a wetland area to be allowed to just plant a tree.  They asked why government thought that regulation of everything was so important.  Was it really necessary?

Governments will tell you that they do everything to protect the public health, safety, and welfare.  That was the excuse West Bloomfield used to force everyone to use one trash hauler.  I was not aware there was a problem.  If there was, they should have dealt with the individuals involved, not forced their choice on everyone else.

The public is told that government is only looking out for their best interests.  Well, when government is seemingly trampling over our individual freedoms, who protects us from them?  Do we call the ACLU everytime these things happen?

I've had more than one retired public servant echo these thoughts to me.  As I said, can you spell TEA PARTY?

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