Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cross Words

I've mentioned before that I enjoy the New York Times Crossword puzzles.  The Sunday puzzles usually have some clever cluing and answering.  Today was no exception.  Actually, I was doing the syndicated puzzle from October 10.  I enjoyed it and was curious to see what Rex Parker had said about it.

OMG.  I could not believe his reaction.  And those of others. 

The theme was 'Driver's Translations'.  I have seen these drivers around town.  Their interpretation of a STOP sign is 'coast right through'.  I have long said that in West Bloomfield, STOP is just a suggestion.  And don't even bet that someone will YIELD.

The theme seemed all the more appropriate after the article in the Oakland Press about how wonderful the roundabouts are.  Right.  I guess if you enjoy driving and having someone pull out right in front of you without looking, thereby enabling you to test your braking ability, then they are wonderful. 

Anyway, the other theme 'CLUES' and 'answers' geared toward the driver without a clue are:

NO THRU TRAFFIC:  Good shortcut
STAY IN LANE:  Ignore this sign
NO STOPPING OR STANDING:  Leave if you see a cop
SPEED LIMIT 65 MPH:  Keep it under eighty

And if you have never encountered the driver who interprets signs this way, count yourself blessed.

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