Monday, August 9, 2010

A Very Uncommon Response

I have met many business owners over the years who have just amazed me with their lack of 'people skills'.  When I was on the Board of the local Chamber of Commerce, I used to wonder how some of the people I met were able to run a business.  They look like geniuses, considering what I experienced yesterday.

If you read my blog a few weeks ago about my latest trip out west, you will know that there was a lot to dislike about it.  I've been asked if it was planned by Chevy Chase, was a remake of 'Trains, Planes, and Automobiles', or was it free?

After communicating with the company owner and receiving no response to my 'snail mail' letter, I sent him an email with the letter attached.  Now, let me say that I had heard from the head of the sales department who sent a refund for the lodging at Glacier Park.  His letter said, and I quote, '...while there may have been a worse solution, I have no idea what could have been worse.'  I also received a letter from Glacier Park Inc. with an apology.

Now come emails yesterday from the tour company owner with the following message:

You are clearly overwrought and may benefit from moderation. I find a certain type of person writes nasty letters immediately, generally the ones that also complain about having no friends that wish to travel with them. You sound very much like someone who would not be happy anywhere.

After berating me and telling me how grateful I should be, he continues with, 'I find polite rather than unpleasant letters tend to work better but I understand that everyone has their own unique style.'

As this is supposed to be a G-rated blog, you will just have to imagine my response.

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