Friday, August 27, 2010


I am not much of a pack-rat, but occasionally I have stashed stuff away that proves memorable.  While cleaning out my closet this morning, I found a poster from the American Cancer Society Great American Lock-up from March, 1993.  No, I do clean more than once every 20 years, but I keep putting this back in there.

The first year I remember being part of this ACS event was 1992.  The Township Clerk and I were led away in hand-cuffs from our offices and taken to someplace in Novi.  Imagine the looks we got from drivers on the way.  Two women in fur coats sitting in the back of a police car.  I can only imagine what they thought. 

There are eighteen photos of 'suspects' on the poster I have.  What is really clever is the charge against each of us.  I am charged with paying my taxes late.  Our Township Supervisor, who was known for her apple pies, was charged with an unlawful desire to bake them.

There is the private investigator charged with 'ogling', the doctor charged with 'impersonating a golfer', and a local mayor charged with ' being an honest politician.'  But my favorite, with apologies to my friends, is the attorney charged with 'impersonating a human being'.  You have to wonder who thought that one up.

Now I just have to bring myself to throw this out.  Am I sure my family doesn't want to chuckle over this when I am gone?

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