Thursday, August 12, 2010

If you Don't Want to see It in the Headlines...

A long time ago, before everyone had email, I learned a very valuable lesson, i.e. 'If you don't want to see it in the newspaper headlines, or anywhere else for that matter, don't say it in front of anyone and never put it in writing.'

This advice came in handy when someone put in a Freedom of Information Act request at the Township for all memos sent between the Clerk and myself on a certain matter.  Memos?  She works down the hall from me.  Why would I send a memo, when I can pick up a phone or walk to her office?  There was nothing to give the person, to their dismay.

Now, folks email and text and place their information in blogs and on Facebook.  Much of it is stuff that is better kept out of the public purview.  So, it is probably no surprise to anyone that today's Detroit newspapers are again talking about racy messages between public officials.

Back in 1969, the Commonwealth of Virginia adopted the travel slogan, 'Virginia is for Lovers'.  Hah!  Bet Detroit could give them a real run for their money on that one!

P.S.  The Commonwealth of Virginia has nothing what so ever to do with the title of this blog. 

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