Saturday, June 26, 2010


If you watched last Monday's Township Board meeting, you have my sympathies.   It is difficult, I know.  I mention it because during the meeting a trustee referred to West Bloomfield as an 'upscale community'. 

The definition of an 'upscale community' is one with high incomes.  The 2000 Census placed West Bloomfield at the top of communities of over 50,000 population with high incomes.  But really, what does it mean?

A lot of people here do not make a lot of money, balanced out by those two-income families who do.  But Upscale?  Drive through my subdivision and you will see homes that are not maintained.  I have neighbors who grow weeds for a lawn and store all sorts of junk in the yard instead of the garage.  Another looks like a good windstorm will rip the siding off.  It is not like West Bloomfield is akin to Beverly Hills, CA.

Nevertheless, many years ago the then Township Board told McDonald's that they could not put up the tall  'golden arches' if they wanted to locate on Orchard Lake Road.  (If you are newer to the community, they are gone, but I will explain.)  McDonald's agreed and used only a low sign.  Seems we were to 'hoity-toity' for fast food and symbols of same? 

Last week in Sedona, I saw this:

Cool, huh!  Sedona requires that all buildings have colors compatible with the desert colors.  Yes, turquoise is the color of the arches.  Just like the Little Colorado River.  And it reminded me of the West Bloomfield restaurant which is no more.

In thinking that we are so 'upscale' we can't have arches, the Township also decided at some point that we were too 'upscale' for drive-through restaurants.  Seems like us 'upscale' folks do not eat in our cars or even drop by for a cool Frosty.  I disagree, but again, majority rules, and I do not know that residents were ever asked to weigh-in on this decision. 

Anyway, McDonald's eventually relocated down the road to Farmington Hills with, Tada!, a drive-through.  So now us 'upper-class upscale' folks who want a cool drink in our cars can spend our resources driving to other communities to get one.  But, hey, we are so 'upscale' we don't care, right?

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