Thursday, June 24, 2010

A slight detour

No trip news today.  Rather this is about the absentee ballot I received yesterday. 

Just last week I was discussing politics with some of my fellow travelers from Puerto Rico and Miami (by way of Cuba).  Seems we all felt the same:  Where is the party and the candidates who think like we do?  Are they all retired and travelling too?

I looked at my absentee ballot and found not one person who I was excited or even interested in voting for.  In either party.  I feel like I am truly in the forgotten middle.  I know I am not the only one who feels this way.  It seems to be pretty widespread.

I have lots of family who live in Canada.  One Canadian cousin used to go on and on about the ills of America until he was ready to retire and moved to the states.  I am not surprised when I hear folks talk about moving to Canada.  I already have cousins who have left the states and now live in Switzerland, Wales, and France.  Considering that all my ancestors were from Italy or Poland, and many still live there, it makes us pretty 'wide-spread' around the world.  But from what I hear, everyone has something to complain about.

There is one item on the ballot I will be voting on:  VOTE YES for the WEST BLOOMFIELD LIBRARY.  Something I can believe in.

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