Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Like Sleeping in the Clouds

I admit that I should have bought a new mattress years ago.  OTOH, mine was very comfortable and there were no signs of sag.  And new mattress sets are very expensive, even when on sale.  But, while I have been successful in managing my severe dust allergy, I knew it was just a matter-of-time before I would regret waiting.  So, last week I 'bit the dust' and went out shopping to make the purchase. 

Before heading out I researched the various makers online.  I took all the quizzes that were offered.  Is it just me or does everyone get steered to the 'top of the line' models?  I looked to see who carried what was recommended and off I went.

I went from model to model, lying on my side, on my back, and trying, yes I mean trying, to roll over in bed.  On an ultra-plush model I felt like yelling, "Help.  I have fallen and can't get up".  Once on my back, I was so far into the pillow-top that I could not rollover without pushing myself up with my arms and legs.  So, one model eliminated.

The entire ordeal took about two hours.  In one store.  The salesperson was wonderful and very helpful answering my questions.  I remembered that one of my sons told me he made the mistake of not measuring his bed height before buying and ended up with a bed that was higher than he wanted.  Since he is six-feet tall and I am 5'4", I measured my current bed before I left home.  No need actually, since every bed in the store left me with my feet dangling in the air.

The salesperson suggested the lower-profile box spring.  So, lower profile it is.  That would help with the fact that the new mattress measures 4" higher than my old one did.

This morning the new mattress set was delivered.  The delivery man commented that my old set was in good condition and he could tell by the weight and construction that it was a good set.  I wasn't sure whether to feel good or bad about the remark.  Out it went and in came the new.

Luckily, I have bed linens that are deep-pocketed to fit the new mattress.  But, making this bed is a whole new adventure.  Big difference between wrapping sheets around a nine-inch mattress and a 13" one.  I think I sprained something I didn't even know I had.  And this new set is still two inches taller than the old bed, so my feet dangle in the air when I sit on the side, which is reinforced to prevent sag.

Luckily, my brother-in-law made a very nice foot stool for me several years ago.  I've been using it in my family room, but now it is next to my bed so I can get in and out.

Any higher and I would be 'sleeping in the clouds', not just on them.

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