Sunday, March 7, 2010

Vickie, Hugh Hefner, and Me

It's not what you think.  OK.  You probably weren't thinking that anyway.  I digress.

I am sure everyone has heard about Hugh Hefner's penchant for wearing pajamas, silk ones, but pajamas nonetheless, just about all the time he is home.  I am sure we have all scoffed at that idea.

Well, guess what?  It is not such a bad idea. 

Since retiring in '08, I have found that staying in a robe all day, especially during these gloomy winter months in Michigan, is not so bad.  I have, up til now, generally kept this information to myself and the UPS driver if he needs a signature on a package.

Yesterday, I casually mentioned this to a friend who happens to work from home.  She admitted that she has a favorite set of PJs that she wears at home.  She agreed that it is very comfortable.  Give me a high-five on that one!

I have a growing selection of robes, slippers, and nightwear and it sure beats the usual female garments we have to put on to leave our houses.  Not to mention the hair and make-up routine.

Now if only my son, who occasionally drops by at lunchtime, will stop asking me if I am sick or something, I'll be all set for lounging 24/7.  Me, Vickie, and Hugh.

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