Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Cleaning

I would not call yesterday's experience strictly 'spring cleaning', but that was what the UPS guy called it when delivering my package.  I was in my garage setting up a new shelving unit and moving stuff around.  I told him that I do lots of cleaning of 'stuff' since I retired.  He said he'd be doing the same in three years.

The garage is always a challenge.  There are the items we use in winter: snow shovels, ice melt, snow blower, window scrapers, fireplace equipment.  Then there are the items we use in summer:  table umbrellas, patio chairs, garden equipment, hoses, lawn mower, hand tools, power tools, vacuums, etc.  The stuff you might need:  jumper cables, ceramic heater.  And all the things we store out there since we do not have enough space in the house.  You know.  The giant supplies of paper towels and toilet paper we buy at Costco.  You get the idea. 

I have a two-and-a-half car garage and one car.  I am always moving stuff around depending on the season.  And even when I move out a bunch of the summer stuff, it stills seems that I do not have enough room.

Using the attic above it is a pain.  Literally.  The opening is so small that you have to be a virtual Houdini to get things in and out.  I used to store my campaign signs up there.  I told someone they could have my old wires if they went up there and got them down.  They did not know what they were getting into.

Garages and basements are great places to put stuff just in case you might need it someday. Usually I find that I never do - unless of course I just threw it out. Like the assortment of cookie cutters that my future daughter-in-law wondered about. Oops. Never thought to save those and donated them to the Salvation Army. A big box full.

When I emptied my basement of most of the good, but useless to me, items two years ago, I had a huge garage sale.  Most of the stuff that didn't sell was donated to various organizations.  A few items were left in the garage, including a large glass aquarium.  It is now in front of the garage and if I can find a spot in the garden I think I will try growing my herbs inside it.  I don't think rabbits can climb glass walls, so the food should be safe.

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